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  • Ali, Syed Ameer (© Christophers London, 1946)
    In the following pages I have attempted to give the history of the evolution of Islam as a world-religion ; of its rapid spread and the remarkable hold it obtained over the conscience and minds of millions of people ...
  • Darling, Malcolm Lyall (© Oxford University Press, 1925)
    THIS is primarily a study of agricultural debt in the Punjab. But it is also something more, for debt, when as wide-spread as it is in this country, touches the whole of economic life, and to understand the causes ...
  • Cousens, Henry (© Oxford University Press, 1929)
  • Swynnerton, Charles (© Archibald constable & Co. Ltd, 1903)
    This volume are comprised the most important of the village talcs which I collected many years ago in the neighbourhood of Attock on the Upper Indus. They were the stories of the people, of the professional bards or ...
  • Latif, Syad Muhammad (©The Calcutta Central Press Company,Limited., 1891)
    In Th Pages of History there is Probably no story at once so -grand, So romantic, and so pregnant with Instruction as that of the British conquest of India and the progress of the British National In the East. What ...
  • Robertson, George S (© Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1899)
  • H, Dodwell (© Madras Government Press, 1917)

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