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  • Unknown author (India, 1900)
  • QURESHI, MAJOR MOHAMMED IBRAHIM (© Gale & Polden, Ltd, 1958)
    TO FIELD-MARSHAL SIR CLAUDE AUCHINLECK, whose devotion to the Regiment is a source of inspiration to all First Punjabis, I am greatly indebted for the valuable guidance and immense help he has given me in the compilation ...
  • Dodwell, H (© Madras Government Press, 1917)
    Said to have risen subsequently to 12 lakhs.1 In the middle of March, 1741, he was forced to surrender, after the failure of his brother, moving up with forces from the south, to relieve the city. After three weeks spent ...
  • Cousens, Henry (© Oxford University Press, 1929)
    AT present it is not possible to write an exhaustive monograph on the Antiquities in Sind, for there are still many buried remains awaiting the pick and the shovel, and as to excavation and exploration we cannot yet ...
  • Latif, Syad Muhammad (©The Calcutta Central Press Company,Limited., 1891)
    In Th Pages of History there is Probably no story at once so -grand, So romantic, and so pregnant with Instruction as that of the British conquest of India and the progress of the British National In the East. What ...

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